Centre County Commissioners - Bellefonte, PA

APArchitects performed the complete exterior restoration of the building in accordance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation of Historic Structures. Work included the restoration and reconditioning of the original historic windows and doors, restoration and reconstruction of the portico and cupola, stucco restoration, re-installation of a copper roof (thought to have been removed in the early 19th century), and exterior building lighting.

The original courtyard, significantly altered in the mid-1970s, was redesigned to pay tribute to the 1911 plan that introduced the war memorial to the region, and accommodate more contemporary functions associated with the Centre County Government and related activities within the Bellefonte Historic District. The traditional axial arrangement between the town, the war memorial and the Courthouse and contrasting cross-paths were reinforced with decorative concrete pavement and pavers, bench seating and replacement landscaping, replica decorative Victorian fountains, and period lighting to match the surrounding historic district. The few surviving large trees whose canopies once framed the historic image were replaced in a manner to recreate the original pattern and composition.